Cashmere Nails Are The Perfect Manicure For Welcoming The Comfy And Luxurious Vibes Of Fall, No Sweaters Required

Valeri Luzina - illustrative purposes only

Pastels and florals may be synonymous with spring, but warm, soft neutrals are markers for fall. When the weather cools down, there’s no better feeling than slipping on your favorite cashmere sweater. It’s deliciously cozy, comfy, and luxurious.

Why not channel that softness into your manicure? Cashmere nails are the latest trend that captures the essence of fall. They typically consist of a beige or neutral-toned polish topped with a layer of reflective glitter that gives off a velvety effect, resembling cashmere fabric.

Instead of the high shine of glossy chrome nails, cashmere nails give off more of a soft, glazed shimmer that encapsulates the fuzzy quality of a warm, cozy sweater.

This nail style may be minimalistic, but it’s classic, elegant, and ideal for everyday wear.

The glittery, magnetic finish puts an interesting spin on what would otherwise be an understated look. And what’s more, it looks fantastic on all nail shapes and lengths, so anyone and everyone can embrace the style.

As for colors, the first hue that probably comes to mind when you hear the word “cashmere” is beige. And while beige is a staple of cashmere nails, you don’t have to limit yourself to this one color.

You can opt for other hues as well, such as gold, copper, silver, platinum gray, opal, or caramel brown.

The trick is to find a neutral shade that matches your skin tone. It might take some experimentation, but eventually, you will land on a color that’s right for you.

For cashmere nails, people usually stick to one or two solid colors. You can paint all your nails the same shade or mix it up by alternating two tones that catch your eye. Combining fully polished nails with nails that just have glitter tips is also an option.

Valeri Luzina – illustrative purposes only

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