Her Daughter Threw A Tantrum About Having To Walk To The Bus Stop This Morning In The Cold And Snow

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This woman and her family live in the upper part of America, and she says that this time of year, snow and cold are not uncommon.

She’s used to having winters that are harsh, and many times, it gets down to 0 or negative temperatures throughout the winter months.

Earlier this morning, they had a little bit of snow, and the temperature was around 32 degrees, which is not strange for late October.

She has lived in this part of the country for her entire life, so she’s completely used to this weather pattern by now.

Last year, her 10-year-old daughter’s bus stop system switched. Her daughter’s bus used to stop at every single house along the route, and now the bus stops at one pickup location for all of the neighborhood kids.

It takes her daughter 3 minutes tops to walk from their house to her bus stop, and she doesn’t have to cross any roads to get there.

There’s a little bike path that wraps around a pond, and this is the route her daughter takes to get to the bus every school day.

“My husband works as a part-time snow plow driver, so he has to leave early on snow days (3 a.m. today instead of his usual 8),” she explained.

“He normally drives her to the spot on his way to work a couple of minutes before the bus gets there. I’m a SAHM. We also have a 1 and 4-year-old.”

alexugalek – – illustrative purposes only

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