She Went Out With A Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Who Insinuated That She Only Had A Large Following On TikTok Because Of Her Looks, Not Because People Enjoy The Content She Posts

N Lawrenson/ - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

TikToker MJ (@texasgardenfairyx) is talking about how she went on a date with a well-known plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who insinuated that she had a large following on TikTok solely because of her looks and that nobody actually cared about the content she discussed on her platform.

A few weeks ago, she went out to lunch with the plastic surgeon. During lunch, he told her that he could never have children because if his child turned out to be ugly, he wouldn’t love them or want to take care of them.

He also said that if they had kids together, they would have to do it through a surrogate because he would not allow MJ to ruin her body over a child. Luckily, that topic of conversation only took up a small portion of their date.

Aside from those red flags, MJ found that she actually had a lot in common with the plastic surgeon. For the majority of the time, they chatted about metaphysics. He seemed like a really smart guy.

She decided to ignore the red flags from earlier because he was a 50-year-old plastic surgeon, and she had never before met a wealthy, older man who did not say extremely offensive things. Compared to the other men she’s dated, what he said about having babies was pretty mild.

The lunch date was alright, so she halfheartedly agreed to go out to dinner with him. Later, she regretted her decision. For their dinner date, they decided that he would pick her up from her place. When he arrived, he texted her, asking what her apartment number was because he wanted to go up and check out her apartment.

She told him that she would meet him outside. In her video, she noted that she had gone on many dates, but this was the first time that a guy had insisted on seeing her place.

After she got into his car, he asked her what she did every day. She mentioned that she created TikTok videos and often talked about metaphysics and manifestation, which has helped her to accumulate a large following.

He gave her a pointed look and asked if she really thought people liked her because she was smart, implying that she was only able to gain a large amount of followers due to her looks.

N Lawrenson/ – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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