She Went Out With A Guy Who Faked Being A Gentleman, Kissed Her Out Of Nowhere, Then Tried To Give Her Kissing Tips

micro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are men out there who truly believe they are better than others, particularly women. They have a huge ego and a need for control that they mask in order to score dates.

An example of this is shown through an experience from TikToker Katarina (@katarinakitt). She went out with a guy who seemed like the perfect gentleman at first, but as time went on, she discovered that he was actually really toxic and egotistical.

So, she matched with a guy on a dating app, and they were having a good conversation. He kept complimenting her throughout their time texting together, and he wanted to take her out on a date that same week. He planned their outing and sent her details about the place and time of their date.

The first red flag that cropped up before their date was when she sent him a picture of the outfit she wore for a game night she was hosting. She had on a T-shirt with an album cover by Drake. He criticized the rapper’s music, calling it “trash.” At the time, Katarina simply brushed it off since everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

On the day of the date, everything began smoothly. He opened doors for her, pulled out her seat, and they continued chatting away. However, things took a turn for the worse when they started talking about their families.

He mentioned that all his family members were really tall but that his 28-year-old sister had put on a lot of weight since high school ten years ago, and it was becoming a problem. Katarina had to explain to him that it didn’t make sense to compare his sister’s current body to her 18-year-old self.

Later, they headed to a bar across the street. While they were walking, he pushed her to the side of the sidewalk that was closest to traffic and made a remark about how much of a hassle it was to have to switch sides with a woman every time they crossed a different street. That’s when Katarina realized that all his gentlemanly behaviors were performative.

At the bar, they had enjoyed a couple of drinks before she noticed that he was trying to inflate his own intelligence and make her feel less smart than him. He listed several artists and authors that he seemed to think she wouldn’t know about. When they got onto the topic of classic movies, he named a common film, believing that she had never seen it before since she was a girl.

However, she had previously taken a film class and knew many girls who had seen the movie. She also knew most of what he was talking about and tried to add to the conversation, which frustrated him greatly.

micro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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