A Woman Who Kidnapped A Kid Knocked On Her Sister’s Front Door Claiming Her Friends Used To Live In Her House

blackzheep - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This past year I moved into a rental house with my boyfriend, and being in a slightly different part of town, I’m always cautious about whom I answer the door for; thankfully, we also have a dog that alerts us to leaves hitting windows, and people knocking on the door.

But you still need to pay attention to who you answer the door for, and you never know what motives people have.

This is very true for one woman and her sister who shared their experience with a stranger coming to the door.

This woman goes by @soogia1 on TikTok, and here’s her creepy story.

“There was this time when my sister had just bought a brand new house,” she explained. “And I had gone over there to have some lunch. And while we were waiting, there was a knock at the door.”

“She went to the door, and it was some random lady, and I didn’t really pay much attention ’cause I don’t [care]. And the lady was like, ‘Oh, my friends used to live here, and I just wanted to visit.'”

“And my sister was like, yeah, well, I just moved in, and I’m really sorry, but they don’t live here.’ The lady was kind of lingering, and I thought it was kind of weird. Finally, she left.”

That is pretty strange. If this woman truly had friends that lived there, wouldn’t you think that they would have told her they moved?

I definitely told my friends when I moved, and all my friends have told me when they moved. So I am a little confused about the claim she had friends who lived there.

blackzheep – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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