Instead Of A “Swear Jar,” Her Husband Created A “Taylor Swift Jar” And Actually Forced Her To Start Paying Up Every Time She Mentioned Anything About The Pop Icon

Photo 163003078 © Chernetskaya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The swear jar has long been a common fixture in American households. If you don’t know how it works, anyone who is caught uttering a curse word must put a dollar in the jar. It’s meant to discourage people from using profanity.

For one couple, rather than prohibiting the use of traditional swear words, Taylor Swift’s name has been banned from their household instead.

Dana Rice ( is a realtor based in Maryland, and she shared a post on Instagram that quickly went viral of her husband creating a jar to make her pay up if she mentioned anything related to the pop star.

In the video, Dana’s husband can be seen taping up a “Taylor Swift Jar” while she laughed hysterically in the background.

The label on the cylinder-shaped jar read, “Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25. I can’t take it anymore.”

He also wrote a side note stating that Travis Kelce’s name was included. In response, Dana protested, saying that he didn’t count.

She added that the singer, along with her new beau, had both made an appearance on Saturday Night Live that weekend. “That’s a quarter,” her husband replied.

Some users took the situation seriously, claiming that her husband was trying to “silence” her, while others pointed out that it was simply lighthearted, humorous fun between the couple.

“Don’t take our joy. When have men been silenced like this? What if we said don’t talk about the Roman Empire or how cool the grass looks ’cause you used fertilizer?” said one user.

Photo 163003078 © Chernetskaya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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