She Ordered A Matcha Latte At A Cafe And Thought The Barista Kept Looking At Her Because He Thought She Was Cute, But Really, She Just Had A Green Matcha Milk Foam Mustache

Photo 159067027 © Sloniki - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

We’ve all had moments when we did or said something that made us want to crawl into a hole and disappear forever.

No matter what kind of embarrassing situation you have suffered through lately or in the past, this story will make you feel better about whatever is causing you to blush.

TikToker Kathy Sujin (@kathysujin) is describing a humiliating experience that involved her walking around in public with the remnants of her matcha latte smeared around her mouth in the form of a mustache.

Recently, she went to a café and ordered a matcha latte. While she sipped on her drink, the barista who made it kept staring at her.

Kathy thought that maybe the barista was attracted to her. She noted that he was pretty cute, so she decided to make a move when she left the café. As a shy, introverted person, this wasn’t easy to do.

Exiting the café required her to walk right past him. So, as she headed toward the door, she mustered up every ounce of courage she had to make eye contact with him. Then, she told him that his drink was delicious and that she hoped he had a great day.

He chuckled a little bit and smiled back at her. After leaving the café, she got onto the subway during rush hour and noticed that she was drawing a lot of attention.

People were looking at her, and some even did double takes, turning their heads just to catch another glimpse.

She gleefully thought that she must’ve been looking extra good or that her energy was really attractive.

Photo 159067027 © Sloniki – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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