She Believes Her Blind Sister Should Help Care For Their Parents As They Get Older, But Her Sister Didn’t Get Any Assistance Past The Age Of Eighteen Like Her And Her Brother, So Her Sister Doesn’t Think She’s Obligated To Pitch In

contrastwerkstatt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has a brother and a sister.

Her sister has been blind since the day she was born.

Since her parents understood that her sister would have a difficult time in the world, they did their best to give her everything she needed in order for her to be independent.

“They made her do things herself when we were growing up, and they made it clear she needed to be able to support herself when she became an adult. To make sure she stood on her own two feet, they said she had to support herself when she turned 18,” she said.

Once her sister was 18, she moved out of their parents’ house to attend college.

If her sister had instead decided that she wanted to continue living at home, their parents would have told her she had to work and pay rent.

While she acknowledged that it may seem like their parents were strict with her sister, they knew that it was difficult for people with disabilities, so they wanted her to have the best chance of succeeding.

However, her sister doesn’t view her experience in the way her parents claimed they intended it to be.

After graduating from college, her sister continued her education and earned her doctorate degree.

contrastwerkstatt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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