She’s No Longer Helping Her Boyfriend Plan A Trip For Them To Go To Tokyo After He Ate Her Cookies

mizina - - illustrative purposes only

This 40-year-old woman has a boyfriend the same age as her, and over the weekend, they went to the grocery store.

They do not live together, but her boyfriend had to go grocery shopping, and he said to her that she could pick out a snack and he would buy it.

“I picked the new birthday-flavored Oreo cookies, and he picked out the original Oreos for himself,” she explained.

“When we got back home, I opened mine and had 3, I shared a few with him, too, before I went to bed. In the morning, I noticed he ate 3 rows of mine while I was sleeping and didn’t touch his box.”

“I forgot to bring what was left of mine home with me as we don’t live together, and I asked him to please not eat the last row. He told me he wouldn’t.”

So anyway, she and her boyfriend booked a vacation to Tokyo next year, and she’s always the one left to do the booking and planning.

It’s not that she wants to do this; it’s that her boyfriend is incapable of planning, so she has to take the lead.

She has been spending a ton of time online reading up on places they should see and how to get around the country, and there’s a ton to still learn.

“For me to try and figure everything out by myself can be a little stressful/frustrating, so that weighs on me a little,” she said.

mizina – – illustrative purposes only

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