He Put Christmas Lights Up For 22 Of His Neighbors Free Of Charge To Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive

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Is it just me, or does it seem like Christmas no longer feels the same once you’re an adult? It’s almost as if the magic surrounding the season has evaporated into thin air.

Instead of being the most wonderful time of the year, it has turned into the most dreaded month for many grown folks. The older we get, the more complicated our lives become.

As a result, holidays have the tendency to be a little stressful, leaving us disconnected from the idea of Christmas merriment.

It’s not easy to find the same joy you felt as a child, but one man from Oklahoma is helping to keep the Christmas spirit alive among adults by brightening up all the homes in his neighborhood with festive Christmas lights.

In this wholesome holiday story, Stephen Dunkelberg decided to spread some holiday cheer after noticing that his house was the only decorated one on his block.

Since he used to be the owner of a landscaping company that put up Christmas lights, he was no stranger to climbing up on roofs to hang the bulbs.

But before acting on his plan, he went around to his neighbors’ houses to ensure no one was opposed to it.

“I asked everybody if they were okay with it because their electricity bill increases around $20 over the entire season. I also made sure nobody was against Christmas lights for religious reasons or anything like that, and everybody was fine with it,” said Dunkelberg.

So, he got to work, stringing up leftover lights free of charge for the 22 houses on his street. Overall, he put up 1,700 twinkling bulbs.

Lebedev – – illustrative purposes only

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