He Refused To Let A Girl He’s Dating Bring Her Puppy To His House Because She Hasn’t Trained The Dog And It Destroys Everything

Ivan Kmit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

For the last two months, this man has been dating a woman named Sam. Five months ago, Sam bought a puppy.

Unfortunately, Sam hasn’t worked much on housebreaking, so the puppy is constantly using the bathroom throughout Sam’s house.

He confronted Sam about this issue, but Sam argued with him, claiming that her puppy was too tiny to go to the bathroom outdoors. She told him that this is what pee pads are intended for.

Sam clearly allows her dog to do whatever he wants without discipline. She doesn’t scold her dog or tell him no when he misbehaves.

“I’m not even joking. Everything in her room is bitten or chewed up by the dog. I’ve told her this is the issue with some girls and these accessory-type dogs. Just because they’re cute, they neglect to train or teach the dog,” he said.

Sam wasn’t thrilled with his comments. Yesterday, Sam suggested that she could spend the remainder of the week at his house.

Since Sam got her dog, she’s slept over at his place occasionally, but she’s never brought her dog with her because it was only a short sleepover.

When Sam brought up the idea of a longer sleepover, he said that he didn’t want her dog to stay at his house since he was untrained.

“I have wood floors, very expensive rugs, and I also have plants that are toxic to animals,” he explained.

Ivan Kmit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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