Her Friend Spent Christmas With Her And Was So Rude That She Wants To End Their Friendship

polinaloves - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had one person single-handedly ruin a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Believe it or not, it is possible, as one person can easily bring down the vibes. One woman is seriously considering ending her relationship with her friend, who asked to stay with her on Christmas Day and was extremely rude and inconsiderate.

She’s 27 and lives with her husband. Since 2021, the holidays have been extremely difficult for her, as that was the year her young daughter tragically died.

It’s been hard for her to get through the holidays or even talk about babies ever since. This year, her 32-year-old friend asked if she could be with her and her husband on Christmas Day.

“I said, of course,” she explained. “It’ll be nice to have my friend here. The last few weeks, I’d been trying to get an idea of time she [would get] here for the day so I can plan Christmas dinner, but every time [I asked], she said that she didn’t know and it depends on her boyfriend.”

Eventually, her friend finally told her that she’d be over in the morning on Christmas so they could have an early dinner.

She made a bunch of adjustments to have things ready for her friend on Christmas morning, including opening presents with her husband the night before and buying a bunch of food for them to snack on before dinner.

As expected, her friend got to her house early on Christmas morning, and things started off smoothly. They snacked, chatted, and played some games until it was time for her to start dinner.

“As I was peeling potatoes, she announced that her boyfriend was outside,” she recalled.

polinaloves – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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