Her Sister Thinks She’s Entitled To Their Grandma’s Engagement Ring, But She Doesn’t Want Her To Have It

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This 27-year-old woman has a sister who is two years older than her, and her sister is dividing their family over an important issue: who gets to have their grandma’s engagement ring?

Her sister thinks she’s entitled to this family heirloom, which is currently in their mom’s possession.

Now, her older sister and her mom have never, ever gotten along with one another, though over the years, they have done their best to be civil.

She believes that her mom and sister are polar opposites, and since they don’t share the same beliefs or morals, that’s why they can’t make a relationship work.

“This isn’t to say my mother wouldn’t drop everything to help my sister if she was in trouble, it’s just that things have happened in the past that my mother has trouble moving past,” she explained.

“This includes my sister losing our mother’s 1-carat diamond stud earrings our father gave her for their first year anniversary.”

“The second and probably the harder one to move past is my sister lost our Aunt’s (mother’s older sister who she was extremely close to and helped raise my mom) gold amethyst ring that was to be gifted to my sister when she was older since our Aunt was dying from cancer.”

Her sister’s track record with family gems has resulted in their mom no longer trusting her with any kind of heirloom jewelry.

Her sister and her sister’s boyfriend are discussing getting engaged, and so her sister is convinced that she should get to have their grandma’s engagement ring.

lorabarra – – illustrative purposes only

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