Here’s How To Have A “No Spend Weekend” While Still Participating In Some Fun, Productive Activities

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With the holiday season just beginning, it’s around this time that many of us start realizing we need to save a bit of money.

Whether it be so you can buy your loved one’s holiday gifts, treat yourself to some gifts, buy groceries for a big holiday dinner, or simply get through the winter, this is a good time of year to have a bit of extra money to fall back on.

However, nowadays, saving money feels almost impossible, especially on your days off or over the weekend when you want to treat yourself to a fun experience. It may seem like every single ‘fun’ activity comes with a price, but there are ways to enjoy yourself without spending anything!

Financial advisors online have recently been introducing ‘no-spend weekends,’ where they suggest a weekend full of activities that don’t involve spending additional money or breaking the bank while still having a good and productive time!

If you’re interested in adding more ‘no-spend weekends’ into your schedule, here are some ideas for what you can do during them.

First, you want to plan ahead for your no-spend weekend. For instance, you want to ensure you have enough food in the house to get you through the weekend and that your calendar is clear of any big events. After all, it’s nearly impossible to get through a no-spend weekend if you don’t have dinner at the house and need to get it delivered or if you have a friend’s birthday party that Saturday.

Organize your space

One way to spend your no-spend weekend is to dedicate it to organizing your space. If your apartment has gradually become more and more unorganized, take the weekend to spruce things up. Throw on a Marie Kondo show to get inspired, grab any empty containers you already have that you could use for organizing, and get to sorting!

This is a super rewarding way to get through a no-spend weekend, and I can guarantee you’ll feel super proud of yourself.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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