His Old Buddies Are Accusing Him Of Betraying Them After He Made New Friends

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As we grow older and life goes on, we often lose touch with older friends and gain new ones. 

Although it sounds sad, it’s a part of life. Sometimes, certain people are only meant to be in our lives during certain times. We can’t help but grow as people, and we should only surround ourselves with others who make us happy and inspire us during all phases of our lives.

One man recently discovered how he wasn’t very attached to his former group of friends after meeting new people, he connected with more. Now, he’s being accused of betraying them. 

Last New Year’s Eve, he was invited to spend the evening with a group of people he had just met. Although he didn’t have a connection with them, he decided to roll the dice and go.

“During that night, I got to know them much better and also to meet the girl who is currently my girlfriend,” he said.

“That night, I realized that I had found what I had always wanted but had not been lucky enough to find until then: a close-knit group of friends with whom I can share emotions and passions without any kind of barrier.”

Before meeting this wonderful group of people, he only had a few ‘friends’ whom he felt so disconnected from to the point where it was like they were his acquaintances. They had always been stuck in the past, and he didn’t share any passions with them anymore. 

Because he didn’t like his situation with his older friends, he slowly unattached himself from them and lost some contact with them as he got closer to this new group of people.

Some of his older friends seemed to accept things, and he would still text or call them every once in a while. However, others were unhappy with his change in friends and began confronting him about it, leading to arguments. 

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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