His Wife Abandoned Him And His Kids After Saying She Didn’t Want To Be A Mom, But Now She’s Begging To Come Home

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Earlier this year, this 37-year-old man’s 33-year-old wife up and abandoned their family for a terrible guy that she met.

She claimed that she wanted her life to be fun and free and that being a mom to their two children was no longer “her style.”

“Nobody saw it coming, we had a pretty vanilla and stable relationship,” he explained. “She had an affair for a while before abruptly leaving us.”

“Basically, once the guy kicked out his crippled wife, he moved my ex-wife in immediately. She’s hit rock bottom since then.”

“Drained her savings, ruined her credit, tanked her credit score, lost her job, [angered] all her friends and family.”

He has gotten divorced from his wife in the aftermath of her poor choices, but now she’s begging him to come home to their family.

She’s said to him that she never should have left in the first place and that she belongs at home with all of them.

She also mentioned that she has always remained in love with him and that the guy she left him for was nothing but an obsession.

Back when he and his wife were together, they never argued about anything and got along wonderfully.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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