His Wife Abandoned Him And His Kids After Saying She Didn’t Want To Be A Mom, But Now She’s Begging To Come Home

“I think I was just becoming boring or something,” he said. “The spark was lost, and instead of coming to me, she pretended to be ok.”

“Eventually [she] decided she’d have an affair to get it out of her system and eventually fell in love with the guy. How do I let go of her? I am fighting every fiber of my being, resisting every urge to tell her to come home.”

“I know it’s a bad idea. But I need some outside advice, people who don’t have a horse in this race. I feel like I won’t ever find anyone who’s willing to love those kids like a mother. But then I realize their own mother abandoned them.”

What advice do you have for him, and do you think his now ex-wife deserves a second chance with them?

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