If You Love Having Guests Over But Live In A Tiny Apartment Or Home, Here Are Some Of The Best Hacks For Hosting And Making The Most Of Your Small Living Space

Speaking of making yourself comfortable, you have to ensure there’s enough seating in your space. While it’s not the end of the world if every guest doesn’t have a designated seat during something like a housewarming party, your guests will want to leave if they’ll be stuck at a party where they’re forced to stand the entire time.

Clear off and rearrange any dining room chairs or kitchen stools, couches, ottomans, bean bags, etc., and spread them around your space. Better yet, if you’re hosting a very chill and casual get-together, invest in some nice floor cushions so your guests can have something pillow-y to sit on if you have to use the floor.

Make sure there’s ventilation

Even if you’re hosting people in the winter, when small spaces become crowded, they get warm, and unfortunately, they sometimes get smelly. 

Be sure to crack open a window or turn on your air conditioning if you’re hosting a gathering in a small space. This will ensure everyone gets some decent air, no unpleasant smells linger for too long, and prevent anyone from feeling ill. 

Keep your sink and trashcans clear

It’s a bad idea to have a half-full sink or garbage can when guests arrive at your smaller place. If dishes and trash from your guests pile up and overflow during your party, you can be left with a big mess and foul odors. Plus, who wants to have to take out the trash or start doing the dishes in the middle of a party?

So, before the fun begins, be sure to have all of your dishes, trash, and recycling taken care of to keep things clean and clear. 

Don’t put up too much decor

As adorable as festive or cute home decor can be during a holiday party or gathering, you don’t want to overdo it if you’re in a small space. Haven’t you seen videos of intoxicated people falling into Christmas trees in people’s living rooms? Imagine how much worse that could be in a small space.

Not only do you want to give people more wiggle room, but you also want to avoid disaster by having people break your decorations. So, keep things minimal and only put up decor that would stay elevated, secured, and out of people’s way.

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