She Called Out A Parent For Badmouthing A New Teacher And Sending Out An Email To 30 Parents Behind The Teacher’s Back

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A former teacher turned realtor, Mary (@mountain2mountainrealtor), is taking to TikTok to call out a parent at her child’s school for starting a hateful online discussion about a new second-grade teacher.

So, this year, Mary’s child had entered the second grade and had a teacher she described as “phenomenal.” However, the teacher ended up leaving because she felt the position at that particular school wasn’t the right fit for her.

The school hired a first-year teacher in her stead. Mary noted how in awe she was of the teacher’s dedication to working with parents and making sure that her students were learning effectively.

“She came in, and she had a class that had already been established with another teacher. She was trying to restructure things that made sense for her, that worked for her, and I’ve been so impressed by how hard she’s been working,” said Mary.

When she received an email sent to all 30 parents in her kid’s class behind the teacher’s back, she was livid. In the email, a parent voiced their concerns about how their child was having a hard time adjusting to the new teacher.

The issue that Mary had with this was that instead of communicating directly with the teacher, the parent went ahead and talked about her to others. She doesn’t believe that the parent did so maliciously, but it did open the door for criticism against the teacher to occur.

Mary had been a teacher for ten years and had experienced a similar situation in which a parent had expressed their dislike toward her and her teaching style in a group email chain.

“And what happens is people start to feel comfortable just saying whatever they want to say, and it crushed me,” she said.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in this particular instance. Mary immediately responded to the email, pointing out that not only was it the teacher’s first year in a classroom, but she was also in a tough position by coming in during the middle of the school year.

PhotoPlus+ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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