She Forced Her Husband To Replace An Expensive Hearing Aid After He Messed With Hers And Broke It, But He Just Accused Her Of Being Unfair

leszekglasner - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman has been deaf ever since she was born. So, she uses a hearing aid.

She also has a husband, who is 28, and he’s aware of her condition. He’s also been very supportive and understanding throughout their relationship.

In terms of finances, she and her husband tend to keep everything separate– despite splitting household costs evenly. But, over the past few months, they’ve been tight on cash since some extra expenses popped up for their daughter, who is just 7-years-old.

That’s why, just last night, she was devastated when her husband accidentally broke her expensive hearing aid.

It all began when she went to the bathroom and left the device on a table in her home. Then, her husband started randomly fidgeting and fiddling with it, which is common, according to her.

“He has this annoying habit of messing with everything he sees, even if it’s not his,” she said.

“He says it’s just curiosity, but I’ve asked him several times to stop doing it.”

Well, this time, her husband wound up dropping her hearing aid on the floor after messing with it. Then, he accidentally stepped on it and broke the device!

Now, her husband immediately apologized and claimed that it was totally an accident. But that didn’t make her any less upset.

leszekglasner – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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