She Relapsed After A Wealthy Guy Paid Her $25,000 To Drink With Him

pavel siamionov - - illustrative purposes only

For many, beer or wine are just beverages that allow you to loosen up and have a little fun at social gatherings. However, it’s not so simple for others. In some cases, the use of alcohol can lead to alcohol addiction.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 140,000 people die each year in the United States from excessive alcohol use, making alcoholism a very serious matter.

A TikTok creator named Sarah Pribis (@sarahpribis) is sharing the story about how she relapsed after a guy paid her $25,000 to drink with him. She hopes that her experience will be able to help people who may be struggling with alcoholism.

A few years ago, when Sarah was a host on a trivia game app, she became involved with a charity. The charity asked her if they could auction off a lunch date with her as one of their prizes to the highest bidder, and she agreed.

The person who won the lunch date turned out to be a much older man. He worked in a different industry than her and was clearly very wealthy. He also seemed interested in financing the arts.

He ended up hiring Sarah to research art shows that people suggested to him to make potential investments in, so she would often meet him for lunch.

“Looking back, I think the entire thing was a lie, but I wanted to believe I wasn’t just having lunch with a strange man for money and that I was actually working for him,” said Sarah.

She went on to point out a few red flags that cropped up during her stint with him. For one, they would always meet in the private room of a restaurant.

He also never failed to buy an expensive bottle of wine and pour a glass for her, even though she had told him she was an alcoholic.

pavel siamionov – – illustrative purposes only

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