She’s Giving Most Of Her Inheritance To Her Unemployed Son Since He’s Going To Need More Financial Help

She will leave Jack around $10,000 to help him pay for his future house, but everything else will go to his brother.

“My reasoning for this is that I know full well Jack is capable of looking after himself after I am gone, but without assistance, Benji will always struggle,” she said.

“He is simply never going to have what Jack has. Jack did not take kindly to the news. He said that I’m effectively punishing him for having succeeded in life, where his brother has been allowed to not try and fail his entire life and is now being rewarded.”

Jack said more harsh things about his brother and then told her he wasn’t as upset about the money as he was about her consistent coddling of Benji. Before walking out on her, he insulted her and Benji’s relationship and hasn’t spoken to her since. 

Jack missed her 66th birthday and will most likely not be joining her and Benji for Christmas. When she told other relatives about their drama, they told her they felt what she was doing with her inheritance was wrong, driving a wedge between her sons.

“I love both my children equally, but I can’t go to my grave knowing that Benji will be out on the streets suffering without me,” she said.

“I know that Jack will never have to struggle in the same way Benji has.”

Was Jack overreacting to her updated will, or was his anger valid?

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