With These Positive Parenting Techniques, You Can Start Taming The Tenacity Of Your Strong-Willed Child

Remember, strong-willed kids are often their own harshest critics. That’s why your praise can be a powerful motivator.

Empower Your Child Through Decision-Making

It’s also helpful to offer choices whenever possible. No, this doesn’t mean letting your child run wild. Instead, it’s about providing options within acceptable or reasonable boundaries.

For instance, would they like to wear a red shirt or a blue shirt? Should they do their homework before or after playing?

Allowing your strong-willed kid to make such choices will empower them while reducing power struggles between you both.

Active Listening: A Two-Way Communication Street

Keep in mind that communication is not just about talking– it’s also about listening.

By actively listening to your child, you will validate their feelings and opinions, which is crucial for strong-willed kids.

This doesn’t mean you always have to agree with them, either. But, by showing you understand their point of view, you can defuse many conflicts.

Consistency Is Key

Consistency in rules and consequences is equally as critical because strong-willed children need to know what to expect.

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