Her Friend’s Teenage Daughter Threw A Party At Her House While She Was Away On Vacation, But She Doesn’t Want To Tell Her Friend

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A couple of days ago, this woman returned home after taking a holiday vacation. While she was gone, she enlisted and paid Alanna, her friend Greta’s 16-year-old daughter, to come over to her house each day to feed her cat. Alanna is a conscientious, sweet, diligent girl who’s already taken care of her cat in the past, as well as babysat her children.

“I trust her. Greta also has four much younger nieces and nephews in her care. Alanna loves them, but they don’t give her much personal space! I told Alanna that she should feel free to use my place if she needed time on her own to chill out,” she said.

Also, she told Alanna that she was welcome to invite a friend to come over on the condition that the friend was reliable. She made sure to inform Greta of the suggestions she gave Alanna.

Once she got back from her trip, her house was so clean that she was wondering if her cleaning lady had come over despite the fact that her cleaning lady was taking these two weeks off so this baffled her.

Her house was spotless, and she could smell cleaning products. In her view, her house was even more clean than when she left for her vacation. Her cat also seemed to be in good spirits and had clearly been well taken care of while she was away.

“Chatting to my next-door neighbor just now, he mentioned that it sounded like the kids at my place on New Year’s Eve had a great time,” she explained.

“I asked for clarification, and it sounds like Alanna had more than one mate over; there was music, possibly tipsy laughter, a bit of squealing, and general frivolity.”

When her neighbor was telling her what was going on at her house while she was gone, he didn’t seem at all bothered or irritated by it. He was genuinely happy that Alanna and her friends were having fun celebrating the new year.

Greta is a fantastic mother and a very close friend, but Greta is firmer with her children than she is with her own.

Stock PK – – illustrative purposes only

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