Her Parents Narrowly Escaped Death After They Were Supposed To Board A Flight That Every Single Passenger Died On, But Her Mom Canceled The Trip Due To Nausea

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Have you ever had a near-miss moment? Looking back on it, you know that it would’ve completely changed the course of your life. For one woman, she wouldn’t even be alive today if not for her parents’ close call.

TikToker Anna Noel (@annanoellll) is talking about her parents’ narrow escape from death. They were supposed to be onboard a flight that every single passenger died on. Luckily, they never ended up boarding that plane.

The flight in question was Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which was on its way from Puerto Vallarta to  San Francisco when a mechanical malfunction sent it plunging into the ocean. Sadly, none of the 88 passengers and crew members survived the crash.

Anna’s parents had planned to fly from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco and then travel back to Seattle.

They would visit Mexico pretty often because they wanted to move there someday, so going on an international trip was something they were used to.

So, what exactly made Anna’s parents miss their flight? They certainly could not foresee such a tragedy.

On the morning of the flight, her mom got extremely sick. Her dad believed it was just anxiety, but her mom knew something else was wrong.

By then, it was too late to receive a refund for canceling the flight, so her dad really didn’t want to miss the flight.

However, her mom couldn’t stop throwing up. There was no way she would be able to travel. So, they missed their flight, which caused her dad to be a little annoyed. Little did he know, he would soon be grateful for it.

Jag_cz – – illustrative purposes only

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