She Called Her Mom Delusional For Believing She Had A Good Childhood At Boarding School While Her Parents Cared For Her Twin Who Had Leukemia At Home

Xavier Lorenzo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman has a twin sister named Angela, who sadly had leukemia when she was a kid. Luckily, Angela has been cancer-free since they were 10-years-old.

“But since she was sick a lot as a child, I was basically invisible to our parents. Angela and I were still best friends at the time, but my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles basically forgot I existed within that time,” she said.

Her parents sent her to boarding school starting when she was 8 years old until she was 14. All throughout these years, she knew that the reason her parents sent her to boarding school was that her sister was going through cancer treatment, and they didn’t have the time or energy to care for her.

However, her parents continued making her go to boarding school for four more years after her sister was cancer-free, and their reasoning was weak.

Finally, her parents allowed her to come home, but she was quite introverted and shy at the time, so she spent almost all day, every day, in her bedroom.

She talked with Angela occasionally, but they didn’t have a close bond like they used to since they hadn’t been living together much over the last few years.

A few nights ago, she and her boyfriend were at her parents’ house. While visiting, her mother pulled out a photo album and showed her boyfriend photos of her and Angela as children.

There were some photos of her when she was a baby, but not as many after she was about 2-years-old.

Because of this, her boyfriend asked her mother if there were any other photo albums so that he could see what she looked like throughout her childhood.

Xavier Lorenzo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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