She Walked Out On A Date After The Guy Said She Was “Chunkier Than He Typically Likes”

hbrh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman recently went out on a date with a new guy, and they decided to do a classic first-date activity – go out to eat.

In the beginning, everything seemed like it was going fine, too. She and the guy were just asking each other basic questions and making typical small talk.

Yet, she was totally shocked when the guy then proceeded to take a short pause before saying, “You know, you’re usually not what I would go for, but I’m really enjoying myself with you right now.”

Obviously, this statement rubbed her the wrong way and also left her feeling confused. So, she asked the guy for more clarification on what he meant, and he only made the situation worse.

More specifically, he actually had the nerve to say she was “a lot chunkier than he typically likes them.”

“And my thing is, if I’m not your type, why are you even entertaining a date with me?” she asked.

Anyway, after that, she didn’t actually end the date then and there. Rather, she continued hanging out with the guy, and eventually, their conversation moved on to how much she loved art. She also opened up about how she’d love to make art full-time in the future.

Well, rather than showing an interest in her dream, the guy just shot it down.

“I think art is a useless line of work. Think about it: do we really need artists? But I do hope you achieve your dreams, though,” he said.

hbrh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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