He Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Take His Girlfriend To Italy, But All She Wanted To Do Was Flirt With Italian Men

Kateryna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Can you imagine paying thousands of dollars to take your partner on a romantic vacation, only for them to spend most of it flirting with other people right in front of you?

This happened to one man who paid a lot of money to take his girlfriend to Italy and had to watch her flirt with a bunch of locals for attention.

He and his girlfriend are 24-years-old, and six months ago, they began planning a trip to Italy. He initially wanted to visit Japan, but his girlfriend was very insistent on Italy, so he gave in.

After arriving in Rome, he noticed before their first day out and about, his girlfriend took a lot of time getting ready and got extra “dolled up.” While she usually takes five minutes to get ready, she took half an hour in Rome.

“Then she put on a top that exposed her stomach and short-shorts,” he said.

“This was odd to me as it wasn’t even hot out, but I thought little of it. Perhaps some people like to be different from their usual selves when they travel. As we walked through Rome, my girlfriend kept wandering away from me. Again, we were traveling, and I figured she was just excited to be in a new country. She kept getting worse and worse. I’d be talking to her, getting no response, and [then would turn] around to see her not even there.”

Later on their first day, he couldn’t find his girlfriend for 10 minutes. After frantically walking around the city, he found her talking to a local man. He noticed she was being extra polite, which he first attributed to nerves, but then it became clear that she was being a flirt.

After introducing himself to the local and introducing himself as her boyfriend, he and his girlfriend walked off, and she acted super annoyed as if he ruined her chances of finding a new boyfriend.

Finally, he confronted her and asked why she was acting so strangely.

Kateryna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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