She Sold The Expensive Wedding Gift She Got From A Friend, But Her Husband Spilled The Beans, And Her Friend Was Really Hurt

hreniuca - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 35-year-old woman and her husband, Zayden, 36, have been married for five years. Over the entirety of their marriage, they’ve had an ongoing disagreement about a wedding gift they got from a mutual friend of theirs named Adria.

“She gifted us an expensive telescope based on an offhand comment I apparently made about enjoying astronomy (I don’t remember making this comment),” she said.

They hadn’t listed the telescope on their wedding registry, and she and Zayden weren’t particularly excited to use it. Plus, their backyard isn’t spacious enough for them to put it there.

When they eventually move into a larger home, they wouldn’t want to bring it with them. Since they got married, they’ve been keeping the telescope in their basement.

“It’s taking up a lot of space. I suggested to Zayden that we sell the telescope online and the cash towards a down payment on a house,” she explained.

However, Zayden was concerned that Adria would stumble across their listing of the telescope and feel hurt that they weren’t keeping what was intended to be a wedding gift for them. Later, one of her close friends mentioned her passion for astronomy, so she took the opportunity to mention the telescope.

She told her friend that she could buy her telescope, and her friend was thrilled about the idea and bought it from her. Before going through with the sale, she verified with Zayden that he didn’t want to keep the telescope.

Afterward, she let Zayden know that she had sold the telescope, and he was furious, arguing that they should have held onto it.

She countered that since she didn’t list it for sale online or anywhere else public, Adria wouldn’t find out, and it wouldn’t be an issue.

hreniuca – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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