Her Parents Gave Her $50,000 For A Wedding, But They’re Livid That She Eloped And Used The Cash For A House

benevolente - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this woman’s older brothers graduated from college, her mom and dad gave them each $50,000 to use as downpayments on their houses.

After she graduated from college, her parents didn’t give her the same gift. When she questioned them about why she wasn’t getting $50,000, they simply said her husband should be the one to provide for her and subsequently purchase her a house.

The thing is, she wasn’t even married back then and was still living at home, so she wasn’t thrilled with being treated differently than her brothers.

Three years after this all happened, she met a man who later became her husband. She dated her husband for a year before getting engaged to him.

“My parents were overjoyed,” she explained. “When we set a date, they gave me a check for $50,000 to pay for the wedding. WTF?”

It was literally right after she shared the news of her engagement with her parents that her dad walked into his office and came out with a check for that money.

She was surprised but accepted the money. She and her husband went home to discuss everything, and that was when they decided it was silly to blow all their money on a fancy wedding.

So, they went and got a marriage license and got married at a friend’s home. Their wedding was quite tiny, with only six friends invited, but her parents were present. All in all, their wedding only cost $500.

“We then used the check for a downpayment on a house,” she said. “My husband had a similar amount saved up, so we are in a good spot with equity.”

benevolente – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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