This Ohio Teen Was Found Dead Five Days After Going Missing From A Halloween Party, And Over 40 Years Later, What Happened To Him Still Remains A Mystery

Ohio Attorney General - pictured above is Kurt

It’s heartbreaking to hear stories of young people who go missing after celebrating a holiday or having fun with friends.

One of those stories is that of Kurt Sova, a teenager who was tragically found dead five days after being reported missing following a Halloween party. It’s been over 40 years since he mysteriously died, and to this day, no one knows for sure what happened to him.

In 1981, the year he died, Kurt was a 17-year-old boy living in Newburgh Heights, Ohio, with his and three older brothers. He was a good student at his high school and had great relationships with friends and family.

However, during Halloween that year, he began doing things that were out of character.

On Friday, October 23rd, Kurt skipped school to hang around a liquor store. He eventually convinced someone to buy him a bottle of Everclear, and he spent much of the afternoon drinking it at a friend’s house. Later that evening, he bumped into his friend Samuel Carroll, who was headed to a Halloween party at a Duplex home two miles from Kurt’s house. Kurt decided to join him.

Samuel claimed that Kurt became even more intoxicated and sick during the Halloween party. At one point during the night, he went outside with Kurt to get some fresh air. Samuel was standing near a fence with Kurt when he briefly re-entered the house to grab their jackets. When he went back outside a few minutes later, Kurt was nowhere to be found.

However, since such a short amount of time went by, Samuel figured Kurt had gotten a ride home.

It was unusual for Kurt to get home late at night, so when he didn’t return from the party the next morning, his parents became very concerned and began looking for him.

They called friends and drove through the neighborhood, hoping to see him, but they had no luck. On Sunday, October 25th, they decided to call the police to report Kurt missing.

Ohio Attorney General – pictured above is Kurt

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