Her Home Has Been Full Of Tension Ever Since Her Stepmom And Stepsiblings Moved In, So She Wants To Live At Her Grandparents’ House, But Her Stepmom Is Making Her Feel Guilty

Anton - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s always a shame when blended families don’t work out, and some children feel forced out of their homes by their new stepsiblings.

One teenager recently told her dad she’d prefer to live with her biological sister at her grandparents’ house than with him, her stepmom and stepsiblings.

She’s 15-years-old and spent most of her childhood growing up with her single dad and older sister, Delaney, who is 17. Their mom died when they were very young, and their dad was single for a long time.

However, four years ago, his dad married a woman named Jess, who has two kids, Bella and Robbie. Bella is 16, and Robbie is 11. Suddenly, her family’s dynamic drastically changed as they all moved in together as soon as her dad and Jess were married.

“We hadn’t lived together long when we were forced into a lockdown [due to] COVID, and we were all up in each other’s business,” she explained.

“It was tense [and] it was awkward. I spent a lot of time with Delaney, and we’d play video games and stuff to pass the time.”

Tensions quickly grew in her house when her dad started getting upset with her and Delaney for not spending enough time with Bella and Robbie. She and Delaney struggled to bond with their stepsiblings, and Bella only showed interest in hanging out with Delaney instead of her.

Soon enough, Delaney and Bella began arguing as well, and by May 2020, there was more tension in the house than there was love.

Her dad and Jess tried getting all of them into therapy so they could work and heal as a family. Still, nothing was working, and Delaney eventually admitted that she had no interest in living peacefully with her stepsiblings.

Anton – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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