She Thinks Her Date Got The “Ick” After Watching Her Play Horribly While They Were Bowling, And Now She Feels Like She Ruined Her Chance At A Budding Romance

bernardbodo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever been dating someone for a few weeks or even months, and things were going great, and then suddenly, you or your date got the ‘ick’ and ended it?

One woman is fairly certain her budding relationship with someone she had been talking to for months is over after she bombed during their bowling date.

She had been talking to someone for five months and got to go on three dates with them. Because they’re both students, two out of three dates were them hanging out at home. But for their third date, they decided to do something different.

Her date had expressed that they wanted to go bowling with someone and loved the idea of a bowling alley or arcade date, so they made it happen.

“Now, I always knew my bowling skills were horrendous,” she said.

“I’ve been bowling with my family and my friends several times before, and I have always sucked. I am bad at it. But I didn’t think it mattered, [as at] birthday parties, hangouts, and family events, people always got a good laugh out of it.”

She also figured her bad bowling skills wouldn’t be an issue as they’d be doing other things during the date, like grabbing food and playing arcade games.

However, she was wrong.

At first, the date started really well. They ordered food, got their shoes, and settled in their lane. She started doing a fairly mediocre job, knocking down a few pins. It didn’t take long for her to realize her date was very good at bowling and had her beat by a long shot.

bernardbodo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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