Her Husband Got Trapped Inside An Abandoned Hospital And Had A Terrifying Encounter With A Ghostly Little Girl That Still Haunts Him To This Day

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This woman’s husband always seems to attract paranormal entities wherever he goes. Once, in the middle of the day, he and one of his friends explored an abandoned hospital.

After entering the building, her husband was in charge of paying attention to their path so they could leave the way they came. He took notes so that they knew which hallways to turn down and which direction to go.

“He noticed bullet holes and blood stains that looked like people had been dragged down the hallways. They saw things running around in their peripheral visions, and chairs rolled across the floors right in front of them. They even heard things running around,” she said.

Even though her husband acknowledged that the noises could have been coming from animals, he found it strange that they never saw any animals as they roamed the halls. Her husband was creeped out about an hour later when it suddenly looked dark outside the building.

Not long after that, he and his friend decided to leave, so her husband pulled out his notes and started leading them back toward the hospital entrance. As they approached what should have been a stairwell, according to her husband’s notes, to lead them out of the building, they found a wall instead.

Her husband recognized the same graffiti on the wall he’d seen as they walked through here at the start of their adventure. At this point, he and his friend started freaking out.

“They started trying to get out of any door they could find and came across a door that had a sign on it saying, ‘Do not enter; dead inside.’ It ended up just being the morgue, and they had to go through it to find the way out,” she explained.

After trying to open several doors, her husband opened a door that led them to the roof. From there, they walked across the roof and down a different stairwell, leading them to a different area of the hospital, and they finally made their way out of the building.

Upon reflection, her husband wondered if whatever haunted the hospital had tried trapping them there. Once her husband and his friend reached the car, her husband realized he’d left something on the windowsill, so he doubled back to get it.

astar321 – – illustrative purposes only

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