She Told Her Obese Friend To Purchase Two Plane Seats In Order To Fly More Comfortably Next Time And Got Blocked On Social Media

Lukas Gojda - - illustrative purposes only

The topic of whether or not plus-sized travelers should purchase an additional plane seat to fly more comfortably has been hotly debated online over the last year.

Now, one woman has voiced her opinion on the issue to her obese friend and wound up in some hot water.

She is 41 years old and claims that she is on the “bigger” side, weighing 176 pounds, for context.

“I’m not some skinny person trying to make my friend feel bad,” she noted.

Nonetheless, she still believes that if a traveler is literally spilling over into another passenger’s seat, then they really should pay to get two seats.

“It’s not fair to other people who paid for a seat but only get to use half of it,” she reasoned.

Well, she has a 39-year-old female friend who is obese and recently just got home from a vacation. Then, when they began catching up, her friend apparently started to “grumble” about how uncomfortable all of the fights were.

Plus, her friend complained about the passengers sitting next to her, claiming that they were sort of rude about her size.

At that point, she suggested that her friend just book two plane seats next time. That way, her friend can comfortably spread out without bothering other passengers.

Lukas Gojda – – illustrative purposes only

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