In-Between Hampers Are A Great Solution For Storing Lightly-Worn Garments That Aren’t Ready To Get Washed Yet And Can Also Help You Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

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You’re probably familiar with all the categories of laundry—colors and whites, casuals and delicates, towels and bedding, and most simply, clean and dirty.

However, there exists a peculiar category of clothing that never gets talked about—the in-between. In-between clothes aren’t soiled enough to warrant a trip to the washing machine, but they’re also not pristine enough to be folded and put away.

Normally, these garments are either tossed onto a “clothes chair” or wind up on the floor, creating a mess in your bedroom.

It’s annoying and makes the daily routine of getting undressed somewhat of a chore. Having a system of organization in place for your in-between clothes will help tremendously. Just like your clean and dirty items, they deserve to have their own place to go.

Enter the in-between hamper, a simple solution for clothing caught between the realms of clean and dirty.

Creating a designated space for in-between clothes is easy-peasy. All you need is a secondary laundry basket or hamper where you can place a pile of lightly worn clothing.

Usually, in-between hampers won’t hold as much clothing as your regular hamper, so you can use something smaller.

The idea of an in-between hamper might seem a bit silly at first, but it actually has several benefits.

For instance, it can encourage you to re-wear clothes that don’t immediately need to be washed instead of throwing them into the washing machine just for the sake of being able to put them back in your closet.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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