Monochromatic Color Schemes Can Transform Your Home Into A Sophisticated Oasis Without Draining Too Much Interior Design Energy: Here’s How To Pull Off This Look Like A Pro

Aim For Variation

Adding variation is important in monochromatic spaces. You have to be mindful of rooms looking too flat and dull.

Aim for variation when it comes to colors, finishes, furnishings, and lighting to create texture and contrast.

You can layer your space with a combination of materials like wood, metals, lacquers, velvet, rattan, and leather.

The light will reflect off these surfaces and cast a shine throughout the room, creating a polished, put-together atmosphere. Use a dark base on the walls to set the foundation. Then, draw in lighter accent colors to the upholstery and other furnishings.

Add Artwork

Without artwork on the walls, no space will ever be complete. Hang up framed pictures or detailed canvases in your monochromatic room.

Doing so will help pack in some personality and elevate your space times ten. The style of the artwork should suit the design of your space.

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