She Thought It Was Trashy Parenting When The Parents Of Her Daughter’s Friend Sent The Young Girl In An Uber Alone For Their First Sleepover At Her House

Nina Lawrenson/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Everyone has a different idea of what responsible child-rearing looks like. Some parents rule with a firm hand and keep a close eye on their children, while others opt for a more relaxed style of parenting that offers their kids more freedom.

However, there is a fine line between being a laid-back, liberal parent and crossing into the territory of being a neglectful one.

While our society celebrates individualism and independence, kids still need adult supervision—their well-being depends on it.

TikToker Jill (@imjustoverherelike_grr) is discussing an example of “trashy” parenting that involved some questionable decisions made by the parents of her daughter’s friend.

Five years ago, her daughter asked if a friend from school could spend the night at their house.

At the time, her daughter was 13-years-old and in the eighth grade. Jill agreed to her daughter’s request, saying it was no problem at all.

After her daughter announced that her friend was almost there, Jill went outside to meet the parents. When the car arrived, the girl got out, and they greeted each other.

Immediately, the man in the car started backing away. As Jill watched the car drive off, she stated that she had wanted to talk to the girl’s dad before he left.

The girl informed her that the man was not her dad. She had taken an Uber to reach their house. Jill was shocked that the girl’s parents would send her in a stranger’s car to a stranger’s house to spend the night. They did not seem to have any regard for their child’s safety.

Nina Lawrenson/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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