She Told Her Twin Sister She’s Ruining Her Life Since She Constantly Brings People Home To Hook Up With

cherry_d - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever met identical twins that were extremely identical? Twins who not only looked the same but had the same kind of personality?

One young woman is trying to distance herself from her identical twin sister as soon as possible because of her behavior.

She’s 20-years-old and has an identical twin sister named Emma. They’re both college students who share an apartment. They’re very similar twins and have always shared interests over the years.

However, she and Emma are very different when it comes to relationships.

“I’m not interested in relationships at all, not emotional nor physical,” she explained.

“Emma is the complete opposite. Ever since we started living here, she’s been bringing another random guy or girl home like every other night. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, but since it’s her own life, I don’t think I really have any right to judge.”

Emma’s casual relationships would usually be none of her business, but now, they’re beginning to affect her life.

First, they have very thin walls, so anytime Emma brings someone back to their apartment, she’s forced to hear everything. 

Then, there’s the issue of their names. They have similar-sounding first names, so people often mistake her for Emma, which hasn’t been going great, considering Emma’s reputation.

cherry_d – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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