This Painting By Gustav Klimt Went Missing For Around 100 Years Before Being Recently Found, And It’s Estimated To Be Worth $54 Million Dollars

The only evidence the art world had of the painting was a photograph taken around 1925, which sits in the Austrian National Library archives.

There isn’t much known about what happened to the painting and where it was after 1925, but im Kinksy stated it was legally passed down to several owners through three successive inheritances.

The painting is being sold on behalf of its Austrian owners, who haven’t been named.

Experts believe the painting could be sold for up to $54 million when im Kinksy auctions it in April. However, before the big sale, the painting will be toured around the world, stopping in countries like Germany, Britain, and Switzerland.

If you’re a fan of Gustav Klimt’s work, what is your favorite painting of his?

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