Her Friends Are Mad At Her For Hiding That She’s Rich, And Now They’re Demanding She Pay For Them To Have Certain Things

Bjorn B - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Although this 25-year-old girl is rich, she doesn’t enjoy talking about what she has or money in general.

She really is quite private about her wealth, as she witnessed the ugly things people did for money growing up. She even watched as money ruined her brothers.

Sadly, her parents passed away when she was small, so her grandparents were the ones who raised her.

“It was a very privileged upbringing, but they also raised me to be frugal and grateful for what I have. I’m incredibly grateful for what I have,” she explained.

“I don’t show off or anything. I don’t care for labels; most [of] my clothes are thrifted. My husband (33m) and I live well within our means.”

“The problem is, our friend group has just found out that I’m rich, and they’re mad. We had friends over for dinner, and the wife of my husband’s best friend went into our office to take a private work call.”

She and her husband have allowed their friends to use their office for phone calls in the past, and there has never been a problem before.

But, her friend went digging through their personal documents while she was on her call, and happened across her trust fund information and other paperwork regarding her different investments.

By the time her friend finished the call and exited the office, she was clearly fuming. She figured her friend’s call had been upsetting, and that was why she was so angry, so she gave her some space and finished cooking dinner.

Bjorn B – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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