Her Sister Had An Affair With Her Fiancé, So Now That She Needs Help And Is About To Be Homeless, She’s Not Willing To Do Anything

sanneberg - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been on the outs with a relative, and then people suddenly started encouraging you to repair the relationship because your relative is going through a hard time?

One woman is being encouraged to help her sister, who she’s been on bad terms with for a decade because she’s fallen on hard times.

She’s 31 and has a younger sister. She and her sister have been on bad terms for over 10 years, as her sister had an affair with her ex-fiancé. She started dating her fiancé when they were 15 and were together for five years.

Towards the end of her relationship, her sister started hooking up with her boyfriend. A few months into the affair, her boyfriend proposed to her while he was still messing around with her sister. However, they had to end their engagement when her sister announced she was pregnant with his baby.

She found out that her sister encouraged her ex to propose to her so she wouldn’t suspect anything, and he could stick around so they could keep hooking up behind her back.

“She tried to salvage a relationship with me and asked me to understand and not be mad at her,” she recalled.

“I told her she was disgusting and I would never forgive her. I also told our parents what she had done. I saw my sister once after her first child was born, a year or so after I had learned about the affair. She told me she missed me and wanted her daughter to know her aunt. She tried her best to get me to agree to [have] a relationship with her daughter, but I told her it was not possible and I was still not going to forgive her. I told her not to talk to me again.”

As time passed, her family also grew more distant from her sister because of all the drama of the affair. Her sister stayed with her ex long enough to have another child, which caused a lot more drama among the family.

It wasn’t until her sister broke up with her ex that their parents re-entered her life, as they wanted to be there for their grandkids. Still, her family was never the same because of the affair.

sanneberg – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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