Her Sister’s Boyfriend Offered To Pay To Take Their Family Out To Dinner, Then Got Mad At How Expensive The Restaurant Was

Kzenon - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In this 27-year-old woman’s family, she and her 28-year-old sister Jen have started a sweet tradition to show their appreciation to their parents.

Their mom and dad are lower-middle class and worked extremely hard to provide for them. She and Jen were able to graduate from the same college with the same major, and they decided that as a thank you to their mom and dad, they would take them out to a nice dinner once a month and trade off paying for that.

She and Jen also do anything they can to help their mom and dad out when they need as a way to be appreciative of their sacrifices as well.

In her final year of college, she met her 33-year-old husband, Tom, who is incredibly wealthy. Tom’s parents are doctors, and he’s an only child.

Tom loves her mom and dad, and after they got engaged, Tom said he wanted to pay for their special family dinners.

Ever since then, Tom has been footing the bill and spoiling her parents by taking them out to fancy restaurants, saying you only get to live once, and they deserve it.

“Jen chose to do what she loved, and while her pay could have been better, she never struggled financially,” she explained.

“She was able to take the family out until last year when she decided to pursue a graduate degree, thus not earning. Tom and I said we would still have our monthly nice meal, and we would just pay for everyone.”

9 months ago, Jen started dating 29-year-old Rick. Five months into Jen seeing Rick, she asked if it was ok for Rick to attend their special family dinner, and everyone agreed.

Kzenon – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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