Her Vegan Sister-In-Law Snatched Her Pork Sandwich Out Of Her Hands And Called Her Disgusting, So She Actually Punched Her In The Face

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This 26-year-old woman is 20 weeks pregnant and constantly craves pork. She feels like she can never have enough of it and likes to eat pork with every meal. When there isn’t any pork around when she’s craving it, she gets incredibly emotional, and she’d venture to say it’s become an obsession.

Even though she’s sure her husband probably doesn’t want to eat any more pork, since they’ve been making meals with pork for so long to satisfy her craving, he supports whatever she needs. Luckily, he’s a chef, so he brainstorms unique meals incorporating pork.

Her mother-in-law’s birthday was two days ago, and her husband decided to host a birthday dinner celebration. They invited his family to the house, and her sister-in-law, 24, was one of the party guests.

“Last year, my sister-in-law became a vegan. She is very passionate about it and good for her. However, she can be annoying when she becomes too pushy with her beliefs,” she said.

Most of the time, people tune out her sister-in-law when she discusses her veganism at length, but eventually, someone will get fed up and ask her to stop, and she listens. During her mother-in-law’s birthday party, her husband cooked the meal, and he cooked a vegan meal for her sister-in-law.

Once the food was ready, she and her husband’s family gathered at the table. They ate and talked, and her husband was preparing a pork sandwich for her in the kitchen. When he was done, he walked over to the table and handed her the sandwich.

She was seated next to her sister-in-law, who was passionately discussing veganism again, but, as usual, she tuned her out and began eating her pork sandwich.

“Ignoring her seemed to set her off, and she suddenly snatched my sandwich out of my hands and started going on about how disgusting I was. When I grabbed for it again, she pulled it out of my reach. I just lost it and punched her right in the face. She fell off her chair, and my sandwich was all on the floor. Seeing that, I burst into tears and left the kitchen,” she explained.

Her husband followed her upstairs, and it took several minutes for him to get her to settle down. She could hear people screaming in the kitchen while she and her husband talked. Later, her brother-in-law updated her and her husband on what went on after they left the kitchen.

fudio – – illustrative purposes only

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