His Future In-Laws Kept Making Remarks About How “Tragic” It Was That His Adoptive Parents Would Be At His Wedding Instead Of His Biological Parents, So He Finally Told Them Off

Mariusz S/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some people who have been more open about being adopted as a child get treated differently, as some try to make a big deal over their history.

One man recently went off on his future in-laws, who kept telling him how ‘sorry’ they were that his adopted parents would be at his wedding and not his biological parents.

He’s 25 and engaged to his fiancée, Erin, who is the same age.

When he was a kid, his biological parents were unfit to take care of him, and the first few years of his life were traumatizing. He was removed from their care when he was five, put into foster care, and was adopted by his dad and ‘pa’ when he was seven and has happily grown up alongside them and his siblings.

“I was so lucky to find my parents and to end up with the family I have,” he said.

“I remember clearly some of the bad [moments] with my biological family, and I don’t miss that.”

He’s been spending more time with Erin’s parents since they got engaged and started wedding planning. Since then, her parents have weirdly been hung up on the fact that he’s adopted and keep trying to make a big deal out of it.

“Her parents have developed an obsession with stating how tragic, sad, [and] unfortunate it is that I won’t have my ‘real family’ there and that there’ll be no blood relatives of mine present for the wedding or our life together,” he explained.

“Erin has told them my real family are my dads and my siblings, but they wave that off like it’s [nothing].”

Mariusz S/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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