His Girlfriend Admitted That She Never Actually Found Him Attractive And Just Settled When She Couldn’t Date A More “Handsome Man” Because She Didn’t Want To Be Alone Forever

Ana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Appearance obviously isn’t everything, and every day, people around the globe fall in love over more wholesome attributes like shared interests, goals, and values. But still, how would you feel if you entered a relationship and found out your significant other never really found you attractive whatsoever?

That’s the tough situation this young man is in, and he’s been left feeling really hurt after finding out the truth.

He’s 22-years-old and has been dating his girlfriend, who is 24, for about one year now. Yet, she just recently admitted that she doesn’t actually find him physically attractive.

Yes, she “likes” him, but she doesn’t think that he is attractive physically or romantically.

To make matters even worse, she told him that she had always tried to date a “handsome man” but wasn’t able to find the right guy for a relationship. So, since she didn’t want to “be alone forever,” his girlfriend actually said that she just lowered her standards and settled for him!

“She wanted a boyfriend, so she decided to go out with me even though she doesn’t think I’m handsome or good-looking,” he revealed.

For some context, he does not feel the same way about his girlfriend at all. In fact, he finds her very beautiful.

“But I am aware I’m not handsome on a scale of one to 10,” he said.

According to him, he is a “four” or a “five” on the attractiveness scale – which he realizes isn’t very handsome.

Ana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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