She Said She Cannot Marry Her Fiancé Until He Goes To Therapy Since He Keeps Taking Every Story She Shares, Retelling It To Other People, And Claiming It As His Own

moofushi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Over the last year, this woman’s fiancé, Matt, has been bothering her because whenever she shares stories with him about childhood or high school experiences, he shares the stories with his friends as if the experiences were his.

“He isn’t doing it maliciously. He firmly believes that it was him who experienced it. It’s not limited to just my memories,” she said.

Whenever she learns fascinating, random facts and shares them with her fiancé, he will share the same facts with her days later as if she hadn’t been the one who told him the information in the first place.

She always reminds him of this, but he disagrees and assures her he learned the random facts by stumbling across them online or through his own research.

Throughout their relationship, her fiancé has constantly told her they’re essentially the same person, so she wonders if this perspective of his is part of why this is happening.

“A year ago, my favorite teacher, Mr. Demos, was arrested for sleeping with a student. I was in absolute shock. I told him about it,” she explained.

Two weeks ago, she heard her fiancé relay the same story to his friend and used the teacher’s name, even though she and her fiancé hadn’t attended the same school. They hadn’t even been in the same school district. Once they were home, she discussed the issue with him as kindly as possible.

“I said, ‘I am starting to notice that you often use stories I tell you as your own; why do you do that?’ He argued he never does that. So, I brought up the teacher thing,” she shared.

Her fiancé claimed that his favorite teacher had been arrested, not hers. She found their high school yearbooks to prove that Mr. Demos hadn’t taught at his school and taught at hers.

moofushi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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