She Believes A Real-Life Angel Materialized In A Gas Station Bathroom And Warned Her To Pull Over If She Noticed Anything Wrong With Her Car Because This Cryptic Advice Ultimately Saved Her Life Later That Night

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Some people believe that we each have a guardian angel watching over us, ready to swoop in and come to our aid when something is amiss. If you’ve ever had a narrow escape from death, you may have had a little help from a divine entity from beyond our world.

One woman believes that she was protected from harm by a real-life angel. A TikToker who goes by the handle @soultribereiki is elaborating on a freaky incident that occurred while she was driving home to see her family for the holidays.

After making a quick stop at a gas station for a bathroom break, an angel teleported into the bathroom to give her a warning about her car, ultimately saving her life.

When she was 20 years old, she was living in Florida with her boyfriend and had planned to go home to Missouri for Christmas.

On her way, she stopped at a gas station in Alabama to use the bathroom. The door to the women’s restroom was huge, red, heavy, and squeaky. It took her a lot of effort to push it open, and when she did, it made quite a bit of noise.

There were three stalls in the bathroom, and they were all empty. She checked each one to see which was the cleanest. As she sat down to do her business, the sink faucet suddenly turned on. She hadn’t heard anyone open the door to enter the bathroom, so she peeked underneath the stall door to figure out what was going on.

She spotted a pair of grayish, tan-colored orthopedic shoes. Quickly, she sat back up and finished using the bathroom. When she emerged from the stall, she saw a beautiful mixed-race woman with bright green eyes who appeared to be a grandma. The grandma asked her where she was going. Stunned, she replied that she was going home to Missouri to see her family for Christmas.

She returned the question to the stranger, who informed her that she was visiting her grandkids in Montgomery. They chatted for a minute before she said goodbye to the grandma.

She was freaking out at that point and wanted to get back to her car. But then, the lady instructed her to listen carefully. She warned her that if she sensed anything wrong with her car at all, she needed to pull over immediately.

serhio777 – – illustrative purposes only

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