She Exposed Her Brother-In-Law For Secretly Going To A Club For His Bachelor Party And Caused His Fiancée To Leave Him, So Now She’s Getting Blamed For Ruining What Could Have Been A Happy Marriage

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Last weekend, this 29-year-old woman’s husband, Charles, 30, attended his brother’s bachelor party. His brother, Frank, 28, is engaged to Jess, 26, and before the bachelor party, Jess specified that she didn’t want his party to be anything too outrageous.

Jess thought it’d be “disrespectful and unnecessary” if Frank and his friends went partying at a club. She’s close friends with Jess, and leading up to the party, Jess told her, Frank, and all of Frank’s friends that if Frank went to a club, she’d end their engagement.

“They went to a club and kept it a secret from Jess. I only found out because Charles was logged into his Facebook on my iPad, and I saw the messages. They had a code word and everything for it in case they wanted to talk about it around Jess,” she said.

When she discovered that Frank and his friends, including Charles, lied to Jess and hid what they did for the bachelor party, she talked to Charles about it. He claimed they did the usual antics involved at a bachelor party.

She questioned whether anyone at the party had mentioned to Frank that Jess specifically stated she didn’t want them to go to a club.

“He said no because, ‘What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her,’ and, ‘The boys have Frank’s back.’ I was disgusted by this, and I told Charles that if no one is going to tell her, then I will,” she explained.

Charles was furious with her response, telling her it wasn’t her business. According to him, they hadn’t done anything they should feel ashamed of, adding that Frank didn’t have an affair on the night of his bachelor party.

He warned her that if she spilled the beans to Jess, she would be at fault for ending Frank and Jess’s engagement.

Even though she doesn’t have an issue with men going to clubs for their bachelor parties, she has an issue with Frank and his friends completely disregarding Jess’s comfort level and boundaries by going to a club. Since they hid it from her, she felt it was her duty to tell Jess the truth.

fotosmile777 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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