She Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Purposely Killing Her Beloved Houseplants With Bleach, So Now She’s Considering A Divorce

Fxquadro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old woman has a collection of houseplants that she adores. Several of her houseplants were quite pricey, and many of them were gifts to her from her sister.

Over the last six months, she was horrified when close to a third of her houseplants wound up dying on her.

She has had houseplants for her entire life, as her mom adored plants and knew a lot about them.

“The death of the plants didn’t seem related to lack of light, or inconsistent watering, or lack of nutrients, or even root rot!” she exclaimed.

“They just died very suddenly. I tried not to let it upset me too much because plants die, and it was not any of the expensive ones until now. My sister gave me a 5-leaf monstera Albo rooted plant for my birthday two months ago. It was beautiful.”

“This morning, I was crying pretty hard about it as I unpotted it and took a look at the roots, and I was looking HARD at this plant and roots to see if its death was pest related, and that’s when I noticed a smell. I sniffed my potting mix, and I smelled bleach. The only other adult person in my home with unlimited and unobserved access to my plants is my husband.”

She was not able to speak to her 32-year-old husband for a couple of hours after her observation, but when she finally got a hold of him, she calmly questioned him about whether or not he had messed with her plants.

Initially, her husband said he had done nothing, but she added that she had noticed her Albo smelled of bleach, and the only person who could have put bleach in it was him.

Finally, her husband dropped the act and admitted to purposely killing her beloved houseplants with bleach.

Fxquadro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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